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A Daily Dose of Torah Series 1
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A Daily Dose of Torah Series 1

18 Minutes of Classic Torah Sources Everyday.

You Save: Up To 10%

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For people on the go. For people who make their minutes count. For people who want the stimulation of classic Torah sources every single day. Even if you have a regular learning program, A Daily Dose will add more learning and excitement to your day - every day! Even if you have a regular learning program, A Daily Dose will add more learning and excitement to your day - every day!

Each volume provides 4 weeks - that's 28 days - of provocative and enjoyable Daily Doses of Torah study.

Each day's learning program includes:
  • A Torah Thought for the Day
  • Mishnah of the Day
  • Gems from the Gemara
  • A Mussar Thought for the Day
  • Halachah of the Day
  • A Closer Look at the Siddur
  • Question for the Day
  • Taste of Lomdus (once a week)
All in 18 minutes a day!

  • By Rabbi Yosaif Asher Weiss
  • 5.5"x8.5"Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah, 2006

Shipping Costs:
  • Item #12271 has a ground shipping cost of $5.00 each plus the one time $4.95 per order charge.

1227114 Vol. Set A Daily Dose of Torah - Hard Set$197.10
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18007Bereishis - Vayeira - Hard$15.29
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18008Chayei Sarah - Vayishlach - Hard$15.29
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18009Vayeishev - Vayechi - Hard$15.29
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18010Shemos - Beshalach - Hard$15.29
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18011Yisro - Tztzaveh - Hard$15.29
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18012Ki Sisa - Vayikra - Hard$15.29
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18013Tzav through Metzorah - Hard$15.29
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18014Acharei Mos through Bechukosai - Hard$15.29
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18016Bamidbar through Shelach - Hard$15.29
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18017Korach through Pinchas - Hard$15.29
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18018Mattos through Va'eschanan - Hard$15.29
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18019Eikev through Kiseitzei - Hard$15.29
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18020KiSavo through Ha'azinu - Hard$15.29
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32107Festivals & Days of Awe - Hard$15.29
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