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Da'ath Sofrim Melakhim I-II
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Da'ath Sofrim Melakhim I-II

Commentary to the Book of Kings I-II

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The Da'ath Sofrim, here translated into English, is a lucid and outstanding commentary on the Books of Kings 1 & 2.

From the publisher:
Although a superficial reading of the Book of Kings leads one to believe that it is nothing more than the story of the rise and fall of the Jewish Kingdom, depicting scandals and intrigues that were and are so typical of general human history, a deeper reading opens one's eyes to the true meaning of these stories and the reason why they were recorded for posterity. What other people in history has so meticulously recorded its own shortcomings and failures, and those of its leaders? But The shortcomings and failures presented in this book cannot be judged by regular human standards. Rather, the "sins" of these generations can only be seen through the light of the realization that G-d had extremely high demands of them. The Jewish People and the kingdom they built up were supposed to serve as teachers for manking, as beacons of proper behavior for humanity. Because they did not live up to these superhuman standards, and failed to fulfill this role, G-d judged them very severely, and reckoned their relatively minor slips as if they were major sins. In the commentary on this book, we will learn how to read the stories from this perspective, and we will see how the Book of Kings, by portraying the Jewish people's failure, actually portrays their greatness. This is the lesson for posterity, and the greatness that is still waiting to be realized.

A collection of rabbinic exegesis. Rav Chaim Dov Rabinowitz life's work was the monumental Da'ath Sofrim on Tanach, a 21 volume commentary based on the Rishonim. He invested all of his energy and more than sixty years of his life into compiling this commentary. His books serve as basic works for the study of Tanach and are used by the greatest educators throughout the world. Many talmidei chachamim study Tanach according to Da'at Sofrim. Translated from Hebrew. Editorial contributions by Rabbi Shalom Kaplan and Rabbi N. Vogel.

  • By Rabbi Chaim Dov Rabinowitz
  • Edited by Shalom Kaplan and Rabbi N. Vogel
  • Translated by: Rabbi Y. Starrett
  • (695 Pages)Publisher: H. Vagshal Publishing, 2002
  • Part of the "Da'ath Sofrim - Prophets" series.

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