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Od Yosef Chai Volume 1
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Od Yosef Chai Volume 1

Audio CD plus Collectors Booklet

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2008 marked the 75th year since the passing of Reb Yossele Rosenblatt, the quintessential chazzan and the benchmark for excellence against whom all future chazzanim would be measured. Amazingly, despite the 75 years since his passing and the more than 100 years since he first sang most of his classic compositions, Reb Yossele Rosenblatt s music has been gaining increasing popularity with each passing year. Every year thousands of new admirers join the ranks of Reb Yossele s fans. The 100 years that have passed have done nothing to diminish his popularity. Like old wine, the music of Reb Yossele becomes increasingly popular with age.

For years there have been fans of Reb Yossele Rosenblatt. Listening to Yossele has always been more than just a pleasure in the musical sense. It has also always been a spiritually uplifting experience. His amazing talent, his ability to seamlessly straddle three octaves and most of all, the tremendous amount of feeling, the hartz , the krechtz that he invests in every composition has always amazed generations of Yossele fans the world over.

Over the years, many attempts have been made to improve the quality of sound and clean up the background noise, but until now none of them have justly succeeded in producing a truly professional, clear and crisp sound that does justice to the renowned Reb Yossele -- untill now. Aderet Music undertook the monumental effort to finally bring the real voice of Reb Yossele, as he sounded in person, to his fans.

Aderet has produced a recording of some of Reb Yossele s most famed compositions. Using cutting edge technology, they have produced a truly historic and monumental CD where one can literally feel as if he is sitting in the same room with the legendary Reb Yossele and hearing his wondrous voice. In addition, they have added musical accompaniment that truly enhances the quality of the recording and brings it to a new professional level heretofore unknown in the world of music.

This CD comes with a 24 page color collectors booklet.

  • By Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt
  • Label: Aderet Records, 2008

Track Listing
To listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by Listen to this track from 'Od Yosef Chai Volume 1'.
1. Hineni
2. Rachem Na
3. Retzei Asirosom
4. Tka Beshofar
5. Ato Yotzarto
6. Amar Rabbi Elozor
7. A Yiddishe Mamme
8. Lkel Orech
9. Akavia
10. Misratze
11. Acheinu
12. Shir Hamalos

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