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Passover Store (Pesach)
Passover Store (Pesach)
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All different types of Haggaddahs
Passover Novelties & Passover Toys

Passover Kids Fun

Using toys to interact with children are an essential part of every family seder.
Passover Kids Books

Children's Passover Books

Reading to children about Passover can begin long before the Seder starts.
Kosher Wines for Passover

Wine Store

Sweet, Dry, Semi-Dry, Red, White, Blush, Low-Alcohol... Kosher for Passover & all year long
Passover Candy

Passover Candy

Here are candies to satisfy everyone Passover sweet teeth!
Seder Plates & Seder Sets

Seder Plates & Sets

The choices are many but the six components are all the same.
Matzah Plates & Matzah Boxes

Matzah Plates & Boxes

Keep your matzah crisp and unbroken in these handy matzah boxes.
Matzah Covers

Matzah Covers

Cover your matzh with beautiful ritual art.
Passover Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups

To drink the four cups of wine is one of the special events of Passover
Elijah Cups

Elijah Cups

Filling the cup of Elijah is one of the oldest of Passover traditions.
Miriam Cups

Miriam Cups

Placing a Miriam cup on the Seder table is a new observance for some families
Passover Books & Passover Guides

Passover Books & Guides

Lots to do. Lots to prepare. Here are books to help you manage..
Passover Serving & Kitchen Items

Cooks & Kids

Items to help handle the food service challenges faced by hosts of the Seder.
Charoset and Saltwater Dishes

Charoset & Saltwater Dishes

Special dishes & bowls for charoset, saltwater, & more.
Passover Paper goods and budget serving dishes

Passover Paper Goods

Disposable and budget serving dishes for Passover.
Kittels for Passover


Be careful not to spill the red wine!
Bedikas Chometz Kits

Bedikas Chometz Kits

One feather, one candle and one spoon to pick up the chametz...

About Judaism

About Passover

Passover (Pesach) is commemorated by a  Passover seder. The haggadah is read. Seder plates, matzah plates, Elijah cups, Miriam cups, matzah covers are used.   Kosher and Israeli wines are used for the seder & the meals. Wines make great host & hostess gifts. We have an extensive selection of hagaddahs.

Excerpted from
The Structure of the Good Society (Yitro 5775)
by Rabbi Jonathan sacks

In the House of Lords there is a special chamber used, among other things, as the place where new peers are robed before their introduction into the House. When my predecessor Lord Jakobovits was introduced, the official robing him commented that he was the first rabbi to be honoured in the Upper House. Lord Jakobovits replied, “No, I am the second.” “Who was the first?” asked the surprised official. Lord Jakobovits pointed to the large mural that decorates the chamber and gave it its name. It is known as the Moses Room because of the painting that dominates the room. It shows Moses bringing the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai. So Moses was the first rabbi to adorn the House of Lords.View Article


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