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How To Hang A Mezuzah

A Mezuzah should be affixed to the doorpost of each room in the home and place of business (including basement, attic, and garage). A Mezuzah should never be placed at the entrance to a bathroom.

Mezuzahs are made up of two parts:
A handwitten mezuzah scroll.
A decorative mezuzah case. This is just to protect the mezuzah scroll and is not required.

Inspection: Each Mezuzah must be examined by a reliable scribe, at least twice every seven years. Temperature and weather changes, as well as age, may cause the ink to fade and crack, thereby invalidating the Mezuzah.

Before affixing a Mezuzah to a doorpost, the following blessing should be recited:

The blessing to be said when hanging a Mezuzah
Hebrew Transliteration: Boruch Atah A-do-nai Elo-heinu Melech Ha-olam asher kidishanu b'miyzvotov v'tzivanu likboa Mezuzah.

Translation: Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to affix a Mezuzah.

If more than one Mezuzah is being affixed at one time, only one blessing is recited. When affixing a Mezuzah to an archway, no blessing is recited.

The Mezuzah is affixed:
  1. On the right doorpost as one enters.
  2. In a slanted position with top pointed to inside of room.
  3. In the upper third of doorpost height (shoulder high).
  4. On outer 3.2 inches of doorpost width.

Mezuzah Scrolls

10cm Mezuzah Parchment
7cm Mezuzah Parchment
15cm Mezuzah Parchment
10cm Mezuzah Parchment
7cm Mezuzah Parchment
15cm Mezuzah Parchment
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Mezuzah Cases

Light Blue Laser-cut Mezuzah
Chef's Kitchen Mezuzah Case
Spode Mezuzah
Light Blue Laser-cut Mezuzah
Chef's Kitchen Mezuzah Case
Spode Mezuzah
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Decorative mezuzah cases make excellent gifts for Jewish Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs

Doves Mezuzah Case
Doves Mezuzah Case
Six colorful doves perch on this curving vine. A very striking, contemporary design.
Just $120.00!
Dentist Mezuzah Case
Dentist Mezuzah Case
Dentists and dental professionals will love this mezuzah case. Great gift for his or her first office! Highly detailed on a cobalt blue background.
Just $55.00!
Ahava Mezuzah Case - Cranberry
Ahava Mezuzah Case - Cranberry
Ahava is the Hebrew word for love. This beautiful mezuzah case would be an appropriate gift for a wedding anniversary or to give to any especially loved one.
Just $70.00!

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