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Noble Lives Noble Deeds Vol 2
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Noble Lives Noble Deeds Vol 2

Captivating stories and biographical profiles of spiritual giants.

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Thirty-eight great Jews come to life in this unique book.

Unlike tales of heroic feats, this rare collection of anecdotes recounts the seemingly "simple" acts of extraordinary individuals. We learn how the truly great lived their lives with a sense of inner nobility that carried them through challenges both great and small.

Why would the Vizhnitzer Rebbe demand that Rabbi Eliezer Zusia Portugal, the Skulener Rebbe, give him triple the normal allotment of matzah? Why would Rabbi Schneur Kotler reschedule an important conference on short notice? When did Rabbi Raphael Baruch Tolidano take part in a magnificent kiddush Hashem? What lesson did Rabbi Dov Berish Weidenfeld, the Tchebiner Rav, derive from the actions of a simple wagoner? How did Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky manage to hit a bull's-eye on his first try? Where did the renowned communal activist, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Herman, learn compassion? How did Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Pam respond to an untimely question?

Dovid Silber, whose original Hebrew series B'Maalos Kedoshim Utehorim, has met with wide acclaim, has included another outstanding feature in this volume: Each narrative is accompanied by an authoritative biographical sketch. Based on these insightful profiles, every inspirational anecdote takes on a power and meaning unique to the individual it presents.

Chassidic rebbes, Roshei Yeshivah, Sephardic leaders - all are here, sharing their wisdom, their wit and their spiritual valor. These are stories you will find yourself rereading and telling to others. In a world where selflessness and nobility of spirit are overlooked, these behind-the-scenes stories shine with a charm all their own.


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