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Imperial Kiddush Cup & Plate -

Shades of Blue Kiddush Cup & Plate -

Lavender Kiddush Cup & Plate -

Pansy Washing Cup & Silver Bowl Set -

Grape Vine Washing Cup & Green Leaf Bowl Set -

Garden Tzedakah Box -

Autumn Garden Tzedakah Box -

Torah Book of Opposites -

Yossi & Laibel Learn to Help - Adapted from Hot on the Trail!

A Daily Dose of Torah: Yisro through Tetzaveh Series 3 - Volume 5

A Daily Dose of Torah: Ki Sisa through Vayikra Series 3 - Volume 6

A Daily Dose of Torah: Tzav through Metzorah Series 3 - Volume 7

A Daily Dose of Torah: Acharei Mos through Bechukosai Series 3 - Volume 8

Imperial Tzedakah Box -

1904 Yad -

Ancient Coins Tallit Clip -

Not My Kind? I Don't Mind! - A Book about Ahavas Yisrael

Starry Night Mezuzah Case -

Peace Tallit Set - Purple - Includes Tallit Bag and Kipah

Jerusalem Tallit Set - Purple - Includes Tallit Bag and Kipah

Josef Tallit Set - Navy Stripes - Includes Tallit Bag and Kipah

Josef Tallit Set -Light Black Stripes - Includes Tallit Bag and Kipah

Pirkei Avot - Hebrew/Russian - Bogolubov Edition

A Daily Dose of Torah: Bamidbar through Shelach Series 3 - Volume 9

Riding the Tracks - Short Stories about Big Heroes

Forgiveness - Don't Let Resentment Keep You Captive

My First Brachos Board Book - A great way to introduce your toddler to Brachos!

Shalom Metal with Copper Mezuzah -

Lion of Judah Mezuzah Necklace -

Shema Yisrael Necklace -

Love Heart Locket -

Gold Filigree Mezuzah Necklace -

Land of Israel Necklace -

Puff Star of David with Diamond -

Floral Rose Gold Hamsa -

Diamond Good Luck Eye Necklace -

Jewish Medallion with Peridot -

Ani L' Dodi Ring with Diamonds -

Refuah Shelemah Necklace - Reversible to: A Complete Healing

Shema Yisrael CZ Necklace -

Turkish Bazaar Twisting Pendant -

Turkish Bazaar Locket -

Multibright Beaded Necklace -

Star of David Necklace with Garnet -

Bronze Age Pendant on Beaded Chain -

Kaleidoscope Heart Pendant -

Kaleidoscope Round Pendant -

Shiraz Heart Locket with beaded chain -

Divided Attention - A Novel

The Addicted Soul - The World of Addiction: Internet, Gambling, Drinking, Shopping, Texting ...

Welcome Blessing -

Bird's Eye Maple Challah Board -

Flame Yahrzeit Candle Holder -

7 Species Apple & Honey Dish -

Welcome Blessing Multi Metal -

Alone in Africa - A Teen Novel

Justice, Truth, and Peace -

Justice, Truth, and Peace - Multi-Metal -

Pomegranates Pink & White Tallit Set -

Flowers Blue & White Tallit Set -

Purple Butterflies Tallit Set -

Black Leaves Tallit Set -

Purple Four Mothers Tallit Set -

The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen, 2nd Edition - Glorious Meals Pure & Simple

HASC A Time for Celebration 25 DVD -

King David Multi Metal -

Lift Me Higher -

A Daily Dose of Torah: Korach through Pinchas Series 3 - Volume 10

Sammy Spider's New Friend -

Sarah's Passover -

Noah's Ark Mezuzah Case -

A Time to Be Born - A Jewish Baby Journal

The Shul Tallis: Black -

The Shul Tallis: Black & Silver -

The Shul Tallis: Blue & Gold -

Oh No, Jonah! -

The Mitzvah Magician -

Speak Up, Tommy! -

The Vanishing Gourds - A Sukkot Mystery

Blue Wave Tallit Set -

Honey & Apple Rosh Hashanah Cards -

Holiday Traditions Rosh Hashanah Cards -

The Count's Hanukkah Countdown -


Jeremy's Dreidel -

Maccabee Meals - Food and Fun for Hanukkah

Caleb's Hanukkah -

Jerusalem Candlesticks -

Birds Large Matchbox Cover -

Jerusalem Large Match Box -

Flowers Fitted Salt & Pepper Shakers -

Lilies Fitted Salt & Pepper Shakers -

Birds Painted Woodcut Candlestick -

Boy Baby Blessing Print -

Girl Baby Blessing Print -

Marbled Black & White Wedding Shards Mezuzah -

Frosted White Wedding Shards Mezuzah -

Blue Wedding Shards Mezuzah -

Torah: The Five Books of Moses - With reflections, inspirations, and the complete Haftarah cycle

Koren Steinsaltz Talmud Bavli, Standard Edition - Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Koren Talmud Bavli: Berakhot; Standard Edition - Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Koren Steinsaltz Talmud Bavli, Daf Yomi Edition - Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Koren Talmud Bavli: Berakhot, Daf Yomi Edition - Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Koren Talmud Bavli: Shabbat Part 1, Standard Edition - Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Koren Talmud Bavli: Shabbat Part 1; Daf Yomi Edition - Commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Midrash Rabbah: Megillas Eichah -

Pomegranate Ketubah -

Let My Nation Ascend - The Inspiring Conclusion of Bnei Yisroel s Journey to Eretz Yisroel

Rainbow Heart Tzedakah Box -

Black Rock Tzedakah Box -

Twelve Tribes Mezuzah -

Parting of the Sea Mezuzah -

Oriental Jerusalem Washing Cup -

Blue Embroidered Pomegranates Pillow Cover -

Patches Embroidered Pillow Cover: Pomegranates Blue -

Kitzur Shulchan Oruch (Code of Jewish Law) - A new translation with notes and diagrams

Unmasked: Judeophobia - The Threat to Civilization

Neptune Candleholder Pair -

Aviva Pomegranate Covered Bowl -

Pomona Apple Bowl -

Shul Kippot: White or Black Rayon, Unlined -

Bamboo Challah Board and Knife -

Black Orchid Candlesticks -

Jerusalem Maroon Shofar Bag -

Yemenite Shofar Bag -

Stars Pewter Havdalah Set -

Stars Silver & Mahogany Havdalah Set -

Luchos Tallis Clips -

Hebrew Silver & Pearl Bracelet -

Rosenthal Shofar Stand - Small -

Love with Wedding Shards Tube -

Ahava with Wedding Shards Tube -

Love Shards Large Sculpture -

Ahava Shards Large Sculpture -

Dirshu Shul Chumash - Hebrew only

The Koren Sacks Yom Kippur Standard Mahzor - High Holiday Prayer Book with Translation & Commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The Koren Sacks High Holiday Mahzor Set - High Holiday Prayer Books with Translation & Commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Red is my Rimon - A Jewish Child's Book of Colors

Dollars and Sense -

Honey & Apple Pot -

Honey and Apple Tray II -

Family Midrash Says Daniel - The Book of Daniel

Leaf Kiddush Cup -

Antique Braid Mezuzah Case Gold Center -

Spring Seder Plate -

Leaves Matza Plate -

Gemstone Seder Plate -

Tree of Life Round Seder Plate -

Tree of Life Matzah Plate -

Sunflower Seder Plate -

Daisy Seder Plate -

Ornate Blue Frosted Seder Plate -

Ornate Brown Frosted Seder Plate -

Tree of Life Seder Plate -

Moorish Seder Plate -

Jerusalem Square Seder Plate -

Waves Salt Water Bowl -

Waves Charoset Bowl -

Patina Seder Plate with bowls -

Patina Matzah Plate -

Peacock Seder Plate - Handpainted

Peacock Matzah Box - Handpainted

Rainbow Mosaic Seder Plate -

Rainbow Mosaic Matzah Plate -

Mediterranean Sea Seder Plate -

Frosted Collage Seder Plate -

Frosted Collage Matzah Plate -

Sands Blue Seder Plate -

Sands Blue Matzah Plate -

Sands Blue Seder Set -

Tall Vertical Seder Plate -

Moon Seder Plate -

Red Sea Matzah Plate -

The Rashi Companion - The perfect study companion for learning Chumash with Rashi!

The Family Rashi Book -

Pearl Bracelet with Chai -

Dove Red String Bracelet -

Star and Heart Charm Bracelet -

Star of David Bracelet -

A Complete Healing Bracelet -

Shema Yisrael Gold Bracelet -

Shema Bracelet Goldplate with Rubies -

Tricolor Cable Bracelet -

White Gold Hamsa Necklace -

Hamsa and Evil Eye with Diamonds Necklace -

Evil Eye Designer Necklace -

Diamond Star Necklace -

Shema Necklace with Diamonds -

Blue Diamond Evil Eye Necklace -

Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace -

Sapphire and Diamond Eye Necklace -

Diamond Hamsa Hand Necklace -

Rose Gold Hamsa -

Black Khamsa with Diamonds -

Ruby Pomegranate Necklace -

Believe Necklace -

Hamsa Necklace in White Gold -

14k White Gold Hamsa with Diamond -

Diamond Hamsa Necklace -

Diamond Heart Yellow and White Gold -

Sleek Hamsa in 14k Gold -

Pave Diamond Star -

Star Necklace in Gold -

Love Always Necklace -

14k Gold Mini Star of David Necklace -

Gold Star Outline Necklace -

Star of David with Diamonds -

Outline Diamond Small Jewish Star -

Outline Star of David with Diamonds -

Gold Dipped Heart Necklace -

Diamond Pave Heart Necklace -

Diamond Sliver Star of David Necklace -


Diamond Star Petite Necklace -

Shema Yisroel Necklace -

Protection Bracelet with Hamsa -

Evil Eye Bracelet with Silver Beads -

Hamsa Bendel Bracelet -

Solid Star Bendel Bracelet -

Lucky Bendel Bracelet -

Chai Silver Bendel Bracelet -

Star Silver Bendel Bracelet -

Colorful Eye Bracelet with Hamsa -

Ruby Protection Bracelet -

Dove Bendel Bracelet -

Classic Chai Necklace -

Triangle Star of David Necklace -

Star of David 14k Necklace -

Silver Diamond Heart Necklace -

Filigree Mezuzah Necklace -

Protection Blessing Necklace -

CZ Eye Necklace -

Mazel Necklace -

Diamond Heart Necklace -

Glass Mezuzah Necklace -

Evil Eye Outline Necklace -

Love Pendant -

Lucky Eye Necklace -

Filigree Cobalt Star of David Necklace - Reversible

Judaic Charm Bracelet -

Star Bracelet with Gemstones -

Health Blessing Necklace -

Hamsa and Onyx Bracelet with Diamonds -

Sleek Hamsa Bracelet -

12 Tribes Bamboo Tzedakah Box Blue -

Peace Dove Menorah -

Tree of Life Menorah -

Millenium Kiddush Cup -

Woman of Valor Clear Vase -

Ancient Coin Cufflinks -

Nuance Bowl -

Twerski on Machzor: Yom Kippur -

Interlinear Succos Machzor Ashkenaz -

Torah Sculpture - Justice, Justice -

Scales of Justice Menorah -

Spode Judaica Serving Dish -

The Seven Kinds Ketubah -

Rosenthal Yahrzeit Candle Holder -

Copper Tube on Brass Mezuzah -

Tree of Life Mezuzah Case -

Nuance Teardrop Bowl -

Waterfall L'Chaim Cup Set with Tray -

Leaves Cufflinks -

Hoshanos: Interlinear - A new translation with a commentary anthologized from talmudic, midrashic and rabbbinic sources

Green Leaf Enameled Dish Set -

3D Draydel Decoration with Glitter Accents -

3D Happy Chanukah Decoration with Glitter Accents -

Happy Hanukah Box of Matches -

Chanukah Chocolate Pearls in Draydel Box -

Camouflage Draydels -

Jumping Jack Draydel -

Noah's Ark Menorah -

Jerusalem Arch Menorah -

Star Classic Menorah Antique Silver -

6 Chanukah Pencils -

Anodized Blue Menorah -

Anodized Jewel Tones Menorah -

Silver Anodized Kiddush Cup -

Turquoise Anodized Kiddush Cup -

Color Block Anodized Kiddush Cup -

Turquoise Anodized Candlesticks -

Pink Anodized Candlesticks Tall -

Gold Anodized Havdalah Set -

Color Block Anodized Havdalah Set -

Blue Anodized Kiddush Set -

Gold Anodized Kiddush Set -

Blue & Lavender Anodized Kiddush Set -

Retro Multicolor Anodized Kiddush Set -

Pomegrante Metal & Stone Dreidel -

Duo Linear Menorah: Blue Green -

Duo Linear Menorah: Amber Gold -

Linear Menorah: Blue Green -

Linear Menorah: Amber Gold -

Anodized Blue Yarhzeit Candle Holder -

Anodized Silver Yarhzeit Candle Holder -

Blue Anodized Small Washing Cup -

Lavender Anodized Small Washing Cup -

Gold Anodized Small Washing Cup -

Kosher by Design Cooking Coach - Recipes, tips and techniques to make anyone a better cook

On the Bible - Eighteen Studies

Sefer Hachinuch / Book of Mitzvos: Vol 2 - Mitzvos 66 - 130

Back to the Sources - Reading the Classic Jewish Texts

Touched by the Parasha - The Stories and Soul of the Weekly Torah Portion - Bereishis and Shemos

From Lublin to Shanghai - The miraculous exile of Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin

Rebbetzin Feige Responds - A popular and insightful counselor deals with real-life situations

Sefer Hachinuch / Book of Mitzvos - Elucidation of the Torah's Commandments

Sharp Shooter Flashing Dreidel -

Princess Menorah -

Byzantine Menorah -

Byzantine Painted Menorah -

Joyous Dancing Silver Menorah -

Joyous Dancing Gold Menorah -

Blue Home Blessing Mezuzah -

Blue Hamsa Necklace -

Vibrant Hamsa Necklace -

Chic Made Simple - Fresh, Fast, Fabulous

Hanukkah Celebrations Paper Tableware -

Hanukkah Decorating Kit -

Aqua Marine Mezuzah Case -

Florence Fan Necklace -

Hamsa & Eye Blue Necklace -

Pink & Lavender Premium Chanukah Candles - Made in Israel

Decorate Your Own Mezuzah Case -

Hamsa Ruby & Double Chain Necklace -

Durango Teardrop Earrings -

Durango Gemstone Bracelet -

Florence Lapis Evil Eye Bracelet -

My Very First Book Laminated Edition - For Tiny Tots and Toddlers

Dual Dilemmas -

Tree in Bloom Menorah -

Oriental Lamp Menorah -

Chanukah Guess Who? - A Lift-the-Flap Book

Ani L' Dodi V' Dodi Li Mobius Necklace -

Rashi Helix Necklace - Receive with simplicity everything that happens.

Peace Mobius Strip Bracelet -

Psalm 23 Necklace - The Lord is my shepherd ...

I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine Necklace -

Bashert Pierced Square Necklace -

Psalm 46:10 Helix Necklace - Be still and know that I am.

Shalom ID Bracelet -

In Search of Torah Wisdom - Questions You Forgot to Ask Your Rebbi

Wisteria Menorah -

Elmo's Little Dreidel -

Covenant & Conversation: Genesis the Book of Beginnings - A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible

Covenant & Conversation: Exodus the Book of Redemption - A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible

Inside Chanukah - Fascinating and Intriguing Insights on Chanukah, Its Miracles, and Its History

May the Lord Bless You Necklace -

Shema Charm Ruby Bracelet -

Shema Charm Onyx Bracelet -

Filigree Hamsa with Turquoise Necklace -

Amen Necklace -

El Na Rafuah Necklace -

10 Crystals Mezuzah Case -

Ornate Silver Gold with Mother of Pearl Mezuzah Case -

Silver Gray Evil Eye Necklace -

Hamsa with Beaded Chain Necklace: Green-Blue -

Metallika Arrowhead Necklace -

Durango Gemstone Necklace -

Eden Open Drop Wire Earrings -

Eden Drop Chain Dangle Bead Necklace -

Gematria The Spice of Torah -

Shema Yisrael Necklace -

Shema Yisrael Pearl Necklace - Also wearable as a pin.

Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities - Anthologiezed from the Talmud, Midrash, and Talmudic Writings

Chronicles: News of the Past - 1726 BCE to Modern Days

Index to Brown, Driver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon -

Even-Shoshan Concordance -

Lion of Judah Jewish Starl Necklace -

Home Blessing Circle of Trees Papercut -

"...A Candle Burns..." Art Print - Quotation from Rav Kook

The Light Of The Temple - Art - History - Service

The Way Into Torah - An Introduction to Torah

A Hebrew & English Lexicon of the Old Testiment - With an Appendix of Biblical Aramaic

Aishes Chayil Art Print -

Rib Mezuzah Case -

Abstract Carved Candlesticks -

Spiral Pewter Tallit Clips -

Spiral Brass Tallit Clips -

Tree of Life Tallit Clips -

The Chumash Trumath Tzvi - The Torah with a Timeless Commentary

My Alef Beis -

My Torah Colors -

My Torah Numbers -

My Torah Boardbook Set -

The Practical Guide to Teshuvah -

My Very Own Mitzvah Hands -

My First Yom Tov Board Book - A great way to introduce your toddler to Jewish Holidays!

There's Zucchini in the Chocolate Cake! - and other stories

Destination Unknown - Adventures of a Lifetime Book 1

The Secret Caves of Chelton -

The Mysterious Lighthouse of Chelton -

Going in Circles and Other Stories -

Liba's Palace (1) - Jewish Girls Around the World

Liba's Letters (2) - Jewish Girls Around the World

Noah's Ark - An Annotated Encyclopedia of Every Animal Species in The Hebrew Bible

Penina's Lost and Found (4) - Jewish Girls Around the World

Tova Bloom's Great Idea (3) - Jewish Girls Around the World

Prime Suspect - A Novel

Patina Doves Necklace -

Foliage Earrings -

Patina Hamsa Earrings -

Patina Heart Necklace -

Tehillim Eis Ratzon Mini: Green Leatherette -

ArtScroll Large Type Tehillim (Psalms) - Hebrew/English

Halachos of Tefillin -

L'Chaim! - Inspiring and Uplifting Divrei Torah for Life-Cycle Events

Tuesday at Dawn - Stories and Advice from Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky

Supper Time Kosher Cookbook - An Assorment of Original and Unique Salads

From Buffalo Burgers to Monetary Mysteries - Fascinating Expositions on Contemporary Halachic Issues

Power Bentching - An an-depth explanation of the tefillah (prayer) that holds the most extraordinary powers

Pomegranates Challah Knife and Stand -

Pomegranates Challah Board -

Stop Chametz Labels - Includes Kosher for Passover Labels

Colorful Disposable Seder Plate -

Delft-Style Disposable Seder Plate -

Seder Plate Placemat -

Passover Placemat Set -

Matzah and Grapes Square Matzah Cover -

Seder Round Matzah Cover -

Passover Gift Hostess Set -

Ten Plagues Foam Finger Puppet Kit -

Passover Ball Toss Game -

Frog Straws: Set of 4 -

The Garden of Wisdom - A Practical Guide to Happiness in Life

Genesis and Genes -

Rebbe Mendel presents In Search of Lost Treasure - a map...a code...and the way back home

Rebbe Mendel In a Class by Himself - Stories From The World's Greatest Teacher!

Hamsa Pendent with Red String -

Star of David Pendent with Red String -

Rebbetzin Kanievsky - A Legendary Mother to All

White Beads & Crystals Kippah -

Closing Accounts - A Novel

Wordwatch - A Shemiras HaLashon Lesson-a-Day for Teens

Noa's Strength: A True Story - The Blessing, The Struggle, The Legacy of Inspiration

Midrash Rabbah: Shemos Vol 2 Parshiyos Yisro - Pekudei -

Rectangular Pebble Finish Tzedakah Box -

Baruch Kiddush Cup -

Sanded Mezuzah with Window -

Raised Top Mezuzah with Large Pebble Finish and Window -

Raised Top Mezuzah with Patchwork Finish and Window -

Negev Menorah -

Happy Purim Stripes Shalach Manos Bag -

Happy Purim Dots Shalach Manos Bag -

12 Purim Shalach Manos Bags -

Floral Border Round Matzah Cover -

Floral Border Afikomen Cover -

Passover Seder Matching Game -

Jewish Holidays Necklace Kit - Make Your Own Necklace

Mitzvah Train Shabbat & Havdalah Set -

The Koren Illustrated Five Megillot - Enliven Your Festivals

Happy Purim Fun Shalach Manos Bag -

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Pomegranates Silk Tallit Set
What's New
Pomegranates Silk Tallit Set
This unique handmade raw silk Talit features embroidered red pomegranates over a white background. It would be a wonderful present for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a birthday, or for any Jewish Holiday.
Just $170.00!
Kabbalah Red String Bracelet
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93108 product.
Steve Resnick

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