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Einei Yisroel - Devarim -

Onkelos on the Torah - Deuteronomy - Understanding the Bible Text

Torah Chumash Devarim - Deuteronomy - With Commentary based on the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Chanukah Lights Everywhere -

Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House - A Story for Hanukkah

Eight Wild Nights - A Family Tale

The Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle -

Harvest of Light -

Jodie's Hanukkah Dig -

The Story of Chanukah -

Miracle Lights Graphic Novel -

Round and Round the Jewish Year: Iyar-Av -

Round and Round the Jewish Year -

Maccabee! - The Story of Hanukkah

Hanukkah: A Mini Ani-motion Book -

The Mishkan / The Tabernacle DVD - An Interactive Multimedia Computer Experience

Wedding Papercut -

Vortex Blue Seder Set -

Wine and Grapes Seder Plate -

Pomegranate Crown Matzah Cover & Afikomen Bag Set - Sold as a Set

Swirled Seder Plate -

Small Pomegranates Seder Pillow Cover -

Symbols Seder Plate -

Frosted Gold Seder Plate -

Stanley Terra Cotta Seder Plate -

Stanley Brown/Green Seder Plate -

Flames Seder Plate -

Simplicity Seder Plate -

Marbled Grape Seder Plate -

Marbled Grape Matzah Plate -

Marbled Black & Tomato Seder Plate -

Marbled Black & Tomato Matzah Plate -

Rainbow Fusion Seder Plate -

Marbled Green Seder Plate -

Marbled Green Matzah Plate -

Around the Jewish Year Part 1 - Rosh Hashanah through Tu B'Shevat! For Windows and Mac

One Candle -

Eight Chanukah Tales -

Hanukkah! - New Gift Edition

The Miracles of Chanukah Then and Now -

Annotated Chabad Machzorim -

Conservative Mahzorim -

Women at the Crossroads - A Woman's Perspective on the Weekly Torah Portion

The Ruby Spy Ring - An Ezra Melamed Mystery

Mirror Image - A Novel

Go Bananas and Other Stories -

3 Cheers for Shira -

Siddur Tehillat Hashem for Shabbat & Yom Tov -

Staying the Course - The Chasidic Heritage Series

The Path to Selflessness: Maamar Yehuda Ata - The Chasidic Heritage Series

Beyond the Cobwebs -

A History of the Jews -

Jews, G-d and History - 2nd Edition

The Jewish People - 4000 Years of Survival

Chronicle of Jewish History - From the Patriarchs to the 21st Century

O Jerusalem! -

Great Moments In Jewish History - Joy, Despair, Courage, Creativity

The History of the Jewish People 2 vol - From Nechemia to the Present

The Story of the Jews - A 4,000 Year Adventure

Codex Judaica - Chronological Index of Jewish History

Dor L'Dor Timeline - A year-by-year graphic timeline of Jewish history from Creation to the present. Complete with eras, personalities and events.

A Short History of the Jewish People - From Legendary Times To Modern Statehood

Miraculous Journey - A complete history of the Jewish people from Creation tot he present.

The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement - The Compendium of a Culture, a People, and Their Stunning Performance

Dawn to Destiny - Exploring Jewish history and its hidden wisdom

Crash Course in Jewish History - From Abraham to Modern Israel

Witness to History - with DVD

Eyewitness to Jewish History -

Patterns in Jewish History - Insights into the Past, Present & Future

A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People - From the Time of the Patriarchs to the Present

Babylon Electronic Hebrew / English Dictionary -

The Spirit of Renewal - Finding Faith After the Holocaust

The Jewish Century -

Woman of Valor - Candles - Framed

Woman of Valor - Star - Framed

I am My Beloved's...Ani L'Dodi 3D - 3D Art Print

Lawyers Creed - 3D Art Print

Woman of Valor - Candles - 3D Art Print

The World Stands on Three Pillers 3D - 3D Art Print

The Last Jew -

How to Trace Your Jewish Roots - Discovering Your Unique History

A Fly has a Hundred Eyes - Set in the turmoil of Palestine in 1938.

Jewish History The Big Picture -

Sand and Stars I - The Jewish Journey Through Time

Sand and Stars II - The Jewish Journey Through Time

Sand and Stars - The Jewish Journey Through Time

The Other 1492 - Jewish Settlement in The New World

Talmud Bavli Explained MP3 - DVDShas - The Entire Daf Yomi Lecture Series in MP3 Format

DVDMishna - Actual Mishna-on-the-Phone Audio shiurim

Say-A-Blessing Electronic Keychain - Innovative Product of the Year!

Behold A People - History Series Volume 1

History of the Jewish People - Volume 1: The Second Temple Period

Torah Nation - History Series Volume 2

Josephus: The Jewish War -

From Text to Tradition - A History of Second Temple & Rabbinic Judaism

Herald of Destiny - Jews in the Medieval Era -- 750-1650

Echoes of Glory - The Story of the Jews in the Classical Era 350 BCE - 750 CE

Judaism in Practice - From the Middle Ages through the Early Modern Period

The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela - Travels in the Middle Ages

The Book of Linage - Sefer Yohassin

History of the Jewish People - Volume 2: From Yavneh To Pumpedisa

Exalted People - History Series Volume 3

Texts and Traditions - A Source Reader for the Study of the Second Temple & Rabbinic Judaism

The Jew in the Modern World - A Documentary History

The Jews of New Jersey - A Pictorial History

The Hidden Hand - Uncovering Divine Providence in major events of the 20th Century

Nambe Mikko Challah Board & Tray -

Nambe Illume Menorah -

Pomegranate Glass Tray -

Silver Embellished Shofar -

Pomegranate Challah Board -

Mini Beehive Honey Dish Set -

Small Scalloped Blue Honey Bowl -

Ornate Blue Havdalah Set -

Fruits & Flowers Honey Spoons -

Passover Prismatic Stickers -

Passover Matzah & Wine Velvet Art -

101+ Passover Activities -

Triumph of Survival - The Story of the Jews in the Modern Era -- 1650-1990

Blue Floral Shoulder Tallit Bag -

Israeli Flag Necktie -

The Seven Species Seder Plate - Handpainted

Jerusalem Oriental Seder Plate - Handpainted

Jerusalem Oriental Matzah Box - Handpainted

Exodus from Egypt Matzah Box - Handpainted

Twelve Tribes Rectangular Seder Plate -

Twelve Tribes Round Seder Plate -

Twelve Tribes Square Seder Plate -

Twelve Tribes Matzah Plate -

Houses Seder Plate -

Parting of the Red Sea Seder Plate -

Exodus II Iridescent Gray Seder Plate -

Exodus II Iridescent Dark Blue Seder Plate -

Exodus I Seder Plate -

Jerusalem II Seder Plate -

Lions of Judah Seder Plate -

Grapes of the Vine Seder Set -

Grapes of the Vine Seder Plate -

Grapes of the Vine Matzah Holder -

Jerusalem Hills Seder Set -

Jerusalem Hills Seder Plate -

Jerusalem Hills Matzah Tray -

Freeform Seder Plate -

Jerusalem Border Disposable Seder Plate -

Floral Disposable Seder Plate -

Celestial Frosted Seder Plate -

Celestial Frosted Matzah Plate -

Celestial Blue Seder Plate -

Celestial Blue Matzah Plate -

Celestial Bronze Seder Plate -

Celestial Bronze Matzah Plate -

Ginko Leaf Silver Seder Plate -

Ginko Leaf Seder Plate -

Geometric Seder Plate -

Home Lands - Portraits of the New Jewish Diaspora

A Torah Perspective for our Challenging Times - Questions Unique to Our Day and Age

Next Year in Jerusalem Seder Plate -

Next Year in Jerusalem Matzah Holder -

Next Year in Jerusalem Seder Set -

Mediterranean Sea Rectangular Seder Plate -

Mediterranean Sea Matzah Plate -

Patina Charoset Bowl -

Multi-layer Seder Plate -

Burning Bush Seder Plate -

Jerusalem Matzah Cover or Afikomen Bag - Sold Separately or as a Set

Small Pomegranates Matzah Cover or Afikomen Bag - Sold Separately or as a Set

Passover Dominoes Game -

Passover Seder Bingo Game -

Passover Elegance Seder Set -

Passover Elegance Seder Plate -

Lily in Blue Matzah Cover / Afikomen Bag - Sold as a Set

Next Year in Jerusalem Seder Plate -

Next Year in Jerusalem Large Seder Plate -

Next Year in Jerusalem Matzah Plate -

Jerusalem Kiddush Cup -

Jerusalem Elijah's Cup -

Next Year in Jerusalem Seder Set -

Heirloom Narrative Seder Plate -

Tree of Life Seder Plate -

Tree of Life Kiddush Cup -

Tree of Life Elijah's Cup -

Tree of Life Seder Set -

Vortex Amber Seder Plate -

Vortex Amber Matzah Plate -

Vortex Blue Seder Plate -

Vortex Blue Matzah Plate -

Vortex Amber Seder Set -

Encyclopedia of Jewish Life - Before and During the Holocaust

Holocaust Sites of Europe - An Historical Guide

The World Must Know - The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Hitler Of History -

Holocaust Years - The Nazi Destruction of European Jewry, 1933-1945

To Mend the World - Foundatins of Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought

Rethinking the Holocaust -

Eyes to See - Recovering ethical Torah principles lost in the Holocaust

Legends of Modernity - Essays and Letters from Occupied Poland 1942-1943

Richard and Adolf - Did Richard Wagner incite Adolf Hitler to Commit the Holocaust?

Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1933-1945 - Abridged Edition

Perpetrators Victims Bystanders - The Jewish Catastrophe 1933-1945

The Holocaust - A Short History

The Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry -

Imperfect Justice - Looted assets, slave labor, and the unfinished business of World War II

The Anne Frank Case - Simon Wiesenthal's Search for the Truth

Holocaust History Series -

The Abandonment of the Jews - America and the Holocaust, 1941-1945

The Arabs and the Holocaust - The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives

Beyond Belief - The American Press & the Coming Of The Holocaust, 1933- 1945

Under His Very Windows - The Vatican & The Holocaust in Italy

Fortress Third Reich - German Fortifications and Defense Systems in WWII

Nazi Germany and the Jews - The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939

The Lost Mueseum - The Nazi Conspiracy to Steal the World's Greatest Works of Art

My Father's Keeper - Children of Nazi Leaders - an Intimate History of Damage and Denial

Closing the Books - Jewish Insurance Claims from the Holocaust

The Witness House - Nazis and Holocaust Survivors Sharing a Villa During the Nuremberg Trials

The Eichmann Trial -

Blood from a Stone - The Quest for the Life Diamond

Denying the Holocaust - The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory

The Case for Auschwitz - Evidence from the Irving Trial

History on Trial - My Day in Court with David Irving

Auschwitz - How Mankind Committed the Ultimate Infamy - a New History

To Vanquish the Dragon -

Rather Die Fighting -

In the Shadow of the Red Banner - Soviet Jews in the War Against Nazi Germany

The Avengers - A Jewish War Story

Behind Enemy Lines - The true story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany.

The Bielski Brothers - The true story of 3 men who defied the Nazis, saved 1,200 Jews & built a village in the forest.

Haven - The dramatic story of 1,000 World War II refugees and how they came to America.

Fugitives of the Forest - The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War

A Conspiracy of Decency - The Rescue of the Danish Jews During World War II

Heroes of the Holocaust -

Rena's Promise - A Story of Sisters in Auschwitz

All Rivers Run to the Sea - Memoirs

The Book And The Sword - A Life of Learning in the Throes of the Holocaust

How Beautiful We Once Were - A Rememberance of the Holocaust and Beyond

The Inextinguishable Symphony - A True Story of Music & Love in Nazi Germany

A Lucky Child - A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy

A Child al Confino -

Four Girls from Berlin -

The Reawakening - Sequel to "Survival in Auschwitz"

Live! Remember! Tell the World! - The Story of a Hidden Child Survivor of Transnistria

The Hours After - Letters of Love & Longing in War's Aftermath

Fragments of Memory - From Kolin to Jerusalem

Between My Father and The Old Fool - A Holocaust Memoir

In The Shadow of the Holocaust - Events and Ideologies Confronting an Immigrant to the United States

Maus: And Here My Troubles Began - Part II

Maus: 2 Part Series -

Speak You Also - A Survivor's Reckoning

Hidden in France - A Boy's Journey Under the Nazi Occupation

An Uncommon Friendship -

Nazi Plunder - Great Treasure Stories of World War II

After the Darkness - Reflections on the Holocaust

And the Sea is Never Full - Memoirs, 1969-

Shema Yisrael - Testimonies of Devotion, Courage and Self Sacrifice

We Survived - 14 Histories of the Hidden & Hunted in Nazi Germany

Resilience and Courage - Women, Men, and the Holocaust

Witness - Voices from the Holocaust -

Hidden Letters -

I am a Holocaust Torah - The story of the saving of 1,564 Torahs stolen by the Nazis

Malka - Based on a true account.

Anne Frank - Beyond the Diary

Tapestry of Hope - Holocaust Writing for Young People

Janusz Korczak's Children -

The Diary of Mary Berg - Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto

We are Witnesses - Five Diaries of Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust

Before My Eyes - A Memoir of Childhood during the Holocaust

My Name is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank - The Memoirs of Anne Frank's Best Friend

The Journal of Helene Berr -

Diary of Bergen-Belsen - 1944-1945

Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank - The Definitive Edition

The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak - Five notebooks from the Lodz Getto

Scroll of Agony - The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan

Simon Wiesenthal: The Life and Legends -

Dawn - with a new preface by the author

Night - With a new preface by the author.

From Buchenwald to Carnegie Hall -

A Past in Hiding - Memory & Survival in Nazi Germany

Mendel's Daughter - A Memoir

I Never Saw Another Butterfly - Children's Drawings and Poems from Terezin

The Children of Willesden Lane - Beyond the Kindertansport: A Memoir of Music, Love & Survival

Black Bread - Poems, After the Holocaust

The Sunflower - On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness

After Long Silence - A Memoir

After Such Knowledge - Memory, History, and the Legacy of the Holocaust

Adam Resurrected - Soon to be a major motion picture.

Sarah's Key -

The Violin of Auschwitz - A Novel

The Road Home -

The Oath - A Novel

The Holocaust Kid -

From the Kingdom of Memory - Reminiscences

The Lilac Tree - An enchanting novel of love flowering in the ruins of Berlin, 1945.

The Winds of Change - A Moments in Time Novel

The Memories We Keep -

The Upstairs Room - It was the only safe place they knew.

The Endless Steppe - Exiled to Siberia

Letters from Rifka - Rifka's family had to leave her behind. Will she ever see them again?

Who Was the Woman Who Wore the Hat? -

Number the Stars - with a new introduction by the author

The Lily Cupboard -

Jacob's Rescue - A Holocaust Story

Anne Frank -

Best Friends -

The Shadow Children -

Hitler's Daughter -

Journey to America -

The Man from the Other Side -

Hana's Suitcase - A True Story

Clara's War -

After the War -

The Never-Ending Greenness - We Made Israel Bloom

Faraway Home -

The Good Liar -

Twenty and Ten -

Prisoners of War -

Erika's Story - Based on a True Story

The Diary of Laura's Twin -

My Canary Yellow Star -

Benno and the Night of Broken Glass -

Annexed -

The Seven Species Wall Hanging -

United Being -

America -

4 Mothers - 4 Women and Their virtues.

Shalom Wall Hanging - Hebrew -

Welcome Wall Hanging - Hebrew - Barouch HaBaim

Home Blessing Wall Hanging - Hebrew -

Home Blessing Wall Hanging - Hebrew -

Jerusalem Wall Hanging - Hebrew -

Jerusalem Lions Wall Hanging - Hebrew -

Shalom Wall Hanging - English -

Jerusalem Lions Wall Hanging - English -

Home Blessing Wall Hanging - English -

The 12 Tribes Wall Hanging -

Blue Jerusalem Home Blessing - 3D Art Print

Happy Anniversary - Peacock - 3D Art Print

Jerusalem Hills Shalom Plaque -

Psalm 23 -

Shalom Home Blessing - 3D Art Print

Sights of Jerusalem Home Blessing - 3D Art Print

I am My Beloved's - Ani L'Dodi 3D - 3D Art Print

Woman of Valor - Roses - 3D Art Print

Home Blessing - Persian Star of David - 3D Art Print

Home Blessing Sights of Israel 3D - 3D Art Print

50th Anniversary - 3D Art Print

Home Blessing - 3D Jerusalem - 3D Art Print

Scenic Hamsa Petite Home Blessing - Petite 3D Art Print

Persian Hamsa Petite Home Blessing - Petite 3D Art Print

Noah's Ark Boy's Blessing - Petite 3D Art Print

Persian Hamsa Business Blessing - 3D Art Print

Boy's Blessing Sports - 3D Art Print

Ballet - Girl's Blessing - 3D Art Print

Home Blessing Twelve Tribes -

Home Blessing Persian Design with Blue Mat -

Home Blessing Mizrach -

Home Blessing Jerusalem -

The Yellow Star - The Persecution of the Jews in Europe, 1933-1945

The Holocaust in the Painting of Valentin Lustig -

Displaced Persons - The Liberation and Abuse of Holocaust Survivors

The Home We Build Together - Recreating Society

Vanishing Diaspora: - The Jews in Europe Since 1945

The World That Was: Ashkenaz - The Legacy of German Jewry 843-1945 - Survival and Perseverance in Defiance of Prejudice and Adve

Jewels and Ashes -

The Jews of Lithuania - A History of a Remarkable Community 1316-1945

The World That Was: Lithuania - A study of the life and Torah conciousness of Jews in the towns and villages of Lithuania

The World That Was: Hungary & Romania - A study of the life and Torah consciousness of Jews in the towns and villages of Transylvania, the Carpathian Mountains, and Budapest

Dreamland - Europeans and Jews in the Aftermath of the Great War

Raw Silk Tallit Set - Beiges - Tallis, bag & kipah

Raw Silk Tallit Set - Multi-color - Tallis, bag & kipah

White VeeSilk Talit Set Black & Silver Stripes -

White VeeSilk Talit Set Blue & Silver -

White VeeSilk Talit Set Lavender & Silver -

Woman of Valor Bookends -

3 Apples Honey & Apple Tray -

The Apple Honey Bowl -

Seven Species Apple & Honey Set -

Wedding Glass Cube -

Suspended Lights Menorah -

Beloved Wedding Glass Vase -

Cobalt Beloved Wedding Glass Vase -

Tree of Life Wedding Glass Cube -

Beames Wedding Glass Blue - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beames Wedding Glass Gold - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beames Wedding Glass Pink - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beames Wedding Glass Purple - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beames Wedding Glass Emerald - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beames Wedding Glass Silver - To Break Under the Chuppah

Rosenthal Wedding Glass Blue - To Break Under the Chuppah

Rosenthal Wedding Glass Red - To Break Under the Chuppah

Rosenthal Wedding Glass Green - To Break Under the Chuppah

Rosenthal Wedding Glass Turquoise - To Break Under the Chuppah

Rosenthal Wedding Glass Purple - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beames Wedding Glass Rainbow - To Break Under the Chuppah

Beloved Wedding Glass Tzedakah Box -

Spiral Kiddush Cup -

Star of David Table Sculpture - For broken wedding glass shards

Dreidel Sculpture - For broken wedding glass shards

Shardz Clear Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Amber Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Cobalt Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Emerald Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Purple Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Ruby Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Turquoise Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Metallic Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

Shardz Black Wedding Glass & Bag - To Break Under the Chuppah

2-Tone Heart Wedding Glass Menorah -

Heart Keepsake - Wedding Glass Display -

Wedding Shards Keepsake Container -

Ani L' Dodi Wedding Shards Keepsake Container -

Shattered Glass Mezuzah -

Heart & Star Wedding Glass Mezuzah -

Pushing Time Away - My Grandfather and the Tradegy of Jewish Vienna

613 Torah Avenue - Songs for Yomim Tovim & Seasons -

The Miracles of Chanukah - Animated

Something From Nothing -

Jerusalem Honey and Apple Dish -

Square Apple & Honey Dish -

Round Apple & Honey Dish -

Clear Honey Jar - New Style

Brights Apple & Honey Dish Set -

Variegated Apple Honey Dish -

Pink Flower Honey Dish -

Spode Honey Pot with drizzler -

Blue Blossom Honey Dish -

Mini Apple Honey Servers -

Pomegranate Honey Dish with spoon -

Patina Honey Apple Set -

Hibiscus Pink Honey & Apple Set -

Red Flower Honey Dish -

Hibiscus Orange Honey & Apple Set -

Pomegranate Honey Dish -

Jerusalem Honey Apple Set -

Jerusalem Honey Plate -

Pomegranates Honey Plate -

Art Deco Apple and Honey Set -

Sliced Apple & Honey Dish -

Sands Apple and Honey Dish -

Sweet Year Apple & Honey Dish -

Mixed Fruits Honey Dish -

Deep Dish Honey Apple -

Red Delicious Apple & Honey Set -

Variegated Apple & Honey Set -

Pale Peach Blossom Honey Dish -

Hibiscus Honey Dish -

Hibiscus Red Honey & Apple Set -

Entwined Honey Bowl -

Tumult Ducks - For dogs, cats, and their human friends!

A Woman in Berlin - Eight Weeks in the Conquered City

Tough Questions Jews Ask - A Young Adult's Guide to Building a Jewish Life

More Gifts for Teens - Ideas and stories to keep you going when you're happy and pick you up when you're down

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