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The Red String
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The Red Kabbalah String
Kabbalah red string
Buy A Red String

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

Kabbalah red string

The Red String: A Bracelet for Blessings.

According to tradition, a red string is wound around the stone marker over Rachel's grave seven times, while reciting various Hebrew prayers. Including Psalm 33, the mystical prayer Ana B'Koach and Asher Yatzar. The string is then cut into bracelet size lengths and is worn on the left hand as a symbolic request for spiritual and physical protection and blessings.

No one actually knows how or exactly when the custom of wearing a red string began. But we do know that every detail contains deep significance.

The Concept of Rachel according to Kabbalah

The name Rachel is related to the Hebrew word, rachil, meaning "a lamb" or "sheep." A lamb stands still while it is being sheared. This symbolizes humility. The lesson is that we must humble ourselves before G-d like a lamb before its master.

Rachel Emeinu (Our Mother) also represents the World of Speech. It represents another form of humility, in that speech has no "power" in and of itself. It merely reveals the thought of the one who is speaking. So too, we should submit ourselves to the Will of G-d.

The Ideals of Rachel

Just as Rachel did not envy Leah's good fortune (only her good deeds), similarly we pray that no one envy our success. Just as Rachel prayed for children and was answered, we pray that the childless be blessed with children. And just Rachel was cured of her affliction, so too may the ill be returned to good health.

The Concept of a String and the Color Red

Every morning, "a thread of grace prevails" and G-d renews the world for another day. The string symbolizes that "thread of grace."

While the Hebrew word for "red," adom, emphasizes the unique relationship between man and his Creater. For example, adom is related to many words such as adama "earth, dam, "blood," adam "man," and Adam HaElyon, "Supernal man." Red also reminds us of teshuva, the need to return to G-d by improving our ways, as the sages say, "If your sins be as crimson, they will be as white as snow."

Seven Times and the Left Hand

The "seven times" correspond to seven days of the week, symbolizing the need for G-d's constant protection. It also symbolizes the seven emotional attributes, the seven times a bride encircles a groom, and the seven G-dly emanations (sefirot). It may also recall the merit of the seven Holy Shepherds responsible for bringing the Divine Presence down to Earth.

It is also known that the left heart is full of blood and is home to the Nefesh, the vitalizing animal soul in a person. Wearing the string around the left hand reminds the person of the "battle" that must be waged against one's selfish urges.

Psalm 33

The number 33 correlates to the concept of the teshuva, as the Talmud (Sanhedrin 103a) states that the wicked King Menashe repented for 33 years and G-d received him." We also find that the 33rd day between Passover and the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) is a time that is associated with elevation and situations changing for the better.

The Psalm itself consists of three parts: an introduction, a middle part consisting of seven "sections" of recognition, and a conclusion thanking and praising G-d for his deliverance. Full Text of the Psalm

Ana B'Koach

This mystical poem consists of seven lines with six words per line. The total of 42 words corresponds to one of the Holy Names of G-d. The initial letters of each word also refer to this Holy Name. Interestingly, the Jewish people made 42 stops on their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. Each step represented another step on the ladder of holiness. According to the founder of the Chassidic movement, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, each individual must make the same spiritual journey during his/her lifetime. Perhaps saying this mystical poem is a way of asking for G-d's assistance and protection during these 42 stages of one's life. Full Text of Ana B'Koach

Wearing the Red String

As you can see from all this, the Red String Bracelet is a means, rather than an end. It serves as a channel to help awaken in ourselves and in the One Above our desire for connection and protection. Wearing the Red String signals your intention to open yourself up to receive G-d's blessings by trying to become a better person, by performing acts of goodness and kindness, and by remembering that humility is not only an attribute of G-d, its the sign of a G-dly person. Finally, wearing the Red String signals your belief in the righteous merit of our Rachel Emeinu (Our Mother).

Good luck and may all your requests for blessings be fulfilled.

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