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The Key to Chassidus
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The Key to Chassidus

Ovierview & Translation of Shaar Hayichud by The Mittler Rebbe Chapters 1-15

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Shaar Hayichud by the Mittler Rebbe is a seminal work for understanding Jewish Mysticism. It is known as the Key to the Chassidic explanation of Jewish mystical concepts. A key signifies two different concepts 1- a key to a lock and 2-a key to a map. This Key to Chassidus is also known, as the book of meditation and begins by answering the questions, 1-What is Chassidic meditation? And 2-On what does one meditate?

The answer to the question, Essentially what is Jewish mystical meditation? is the Key which unlocks the study and service of Chassidus and Jewish Mysticism. It is to look deeply into the explanation of a G-dly topic, not moving on until it is thoroughly analyzed in all of its inner and outer dimensions and is understood clearly. Thru this process of analyzing all the details of the Rebbe s explanation of a G-dly concept a person will be able to search and find the G-dly Nothing , the supernal Wisdom , which is clothed and hidden in the tangible explanation.

The answer to the question On what does one meditate? is the Key to the map of the Chain of Descent of the worlds from cause to effect, the cosmology of creation [In Kabala terms the Working of the Chariot ] This chain describes the myriad powerful contractions thru which the G-dly infinite light is contracted in order to hide itself in enlivening and bringing into being this lowly world, very poor in G-dly revelation, in which we find ourselves.

Shaar Hayichud is also a Key to the service of the mind and the service of the heart, and how to understand the working of the Supernal Man through our own psychology. As such it is a fabulous desk reference for understanding the concepts of Kabala and Jewish Mysticism.

The Key to Chassidus not only translates the first fifteen chapters of the text but makes it accessible thru digestible lessons, explanations, and a very thorough glossary

  • Edited by Betzalel Malamud
  • Translated by: Betzalel Malamud
  • 8.5"x11" (233 Pages)2008

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