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The Soncino Hebrew-English Talmud 27vols
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The Soncino Hebrew-English Talmud 27vols

27 Volume Series

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For centuries the Babylonian Talmud has been accessible only to scholars of Aramaic and Hebrew. Compiled by the greatest minds of 35 generations, the Talmud unfolds answers to every pressing question that faced the Jews throughout the ages. Two pillars of traditional Jewish scholarship are woven together in the Talmud: Halacha the exposition of Jewish laws and customs, their biblical derivations and their practical application in every realm of human relations; and Aggadah a rich rabbinic folklore, full of legends, maxims, ethical writings, and esoteric interpretations of Jewish law and observance.

To those who have studied it, the Talmud is, in the words of the poet, "a book of gems," and only the barrier of language has prevented it from being more widely appreciated. Now this resplendent body of knowledge is completely and definitively translated into English. This lucid and critically acclaimed English rendering has been prepared by world renowned talmudic scholars under the direction of Rabbi Epstein. The Soncino Talmud is the crowning glory of any home library. This popular edition of the Babylonian Talmud contains the full original Hebrew-Aramaic text with the Soncino Press English translation on facing pages. Also included is a helpful commentary in the form of explanatory notes which clarify sources as well as hard to understand portions. Each volume measures close in size to, and follows the exact format of, the classic Vilna edition of the Talmud. 27-volume set (8 x 11).

Multi-volume set includes 27 volumes. Tractates Kiddushin, Menahoth and Minor Tractates are not included. Volumes are also sold individually.

  • Edited by Rabbi Dr. Isadore Epstein
  • 8"x11"Publisher: Soncino

Shipping Costs:
  • Item #17202 has a ground shipping cost of $45.00 each plus the one time $4.95 per order charge.

JDC#FormatPriceItem StatusQty
1720227-Volume Set - Hard$755.10
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17207Berakoth - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17208Mishnayot Zeraim - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17209Shabbath - Hard$35.00
Add To Cart
17210Erubin - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17211Pesahim - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17212Rosh Hashanah, Beza, Shekalim - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17213Yoma - Hard$29.95
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17214Succah, Moed Katan - Hard$29.95
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17215Taanit, Megillah, Hagigah - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17216Kethuboth - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17217Gittin - Hard$29.95
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17219Bava Kamma - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17220Bava Mezia - Hard$29.95
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17221Bava Bathra - Hard$35.00
Add To Cart
17222Sanhedrin - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17224Yebamoth - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17225Nedarim - Hard$29.95
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17226 Nazir, Sotah - Hard$29.95
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17227Shebuoth, Makkoth - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17228Avodah Zarah ... Avoth - Hard$29.95
Add To Cart
17229 Zebahim - Hard$29.95
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17232Temurah ... Middoth - Hard$29.95This item is currently unavailable.
17233 Niddah - Hard$29.95
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17234Mishnayoth Tohoroth - Hard$29.95
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17236Supplemental Index - Hard$35.00
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